Georgette Dunn is an International Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Speaker and Writer based in Dallas, TX.
This proud Canadian and former Corporate Communications Specialist left her career behind 10 years ago to pursue her love and passion for yoga. 
Her yoga practice is inspired by her mantra - FLOW: Mind, Body & Soul; which you will find is the embodiment of her teaching style and is the name of her new studio opening in the Fall. She is excited to be the first Black Woman to own a yoga studio in Dallas and it's her mission to empower individuals to experience all facets of wellness as a conscious and self-evolving practice. "As soon as people walk into our doors; they will know they are seen, heard and valued, says Georgette. "It's a community, a vibe and a feeling of unity!"
When she's not on her mat she's running after her 2 beautiful sons whom she shares with her husband.
*You can find Georgette on all social media channels @readysetflow and her studio @flowmindbodysoul